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    Our mission is provide quality natural ingredients and create a healthier life.

    Hongrui Biotechnology is the leading supplier of nutritional ingredients to the nutritional supplement, food & beverage,cosmetic ingredients and pet and animal nutrition industries.

    Specializes in anthocyanin series (european blueberry, bilberry, elderberry, etc.), allicin, lutein, turmeric, red clover, aescinin and podophyllum resin and hundreds of plant extract products. Continue to research and add products to meet customer demands. Designed to help our customers create superior products through our commitment to quality, innovation and service .

    Established solid cooperation with many high-quality raw material bases. After technical improvement in the laboratory, the production is carried out by GMP workshop.

    Why us?
    High Customer Satisfaction
    Quick Respond
    Cost Effectiveness
    Quality & Reliability
    Customer Relationship
    Production equipment
    Independent quality control department
    QA Dep. —— 3 QA engineers
    QC Dep. —— 8 QC engineers
    Inspection equipment
    Liquid chromatography鈥搈ass spectrometry (LC鈥揗S)
    High-performance liquid phase spectrograph
    Gas chromatograph
    Gas chromatograph-mass spectrometer
    Agilent Technologies nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
    Particle counter
    Ultraviolet analyzer
    Rapid Moisture MeterPhosphatidylserine Extract Powder