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Motor Mounted Disc Brakes a) Configuration DJPZ series b) A scientific basis for introduction 鈼嘐ssential components: commutator; electromagnet; electric motor 鈼嘍istinctive features: precise in position-setting; high in sensitivity; reliable in braking action 鈼嘔nstruction for use: It seems to have the sense that the altitude is no more than 2000 meters; Furthermore, the surrounding medium does not have enough metal to corrode, gas and dust to damage the insulation; Next, ambient air humidity is less than 90%; Lastly, when it is installed, there shall be no oil and dust in the friction plate, friction plate and brake; The insulation level of the coil of the series brakes is B. 鈼嘐xtra Service: Once faults caused by improper installation, our company will assist purchasers with introducing several methods of reducing energy loss within our sphere of accountability; Simultaneously, after measuring its performance, we will offer purchasers the energy-saving control and protection device for the double power asynchronous motor. c) Technical parameters YEJ motorTypeRated torqueRated powerTurn-on time t1Break time t2Excitation voltage Base numberRated power 901.1-1.2DJPZ114-1818600.120.1199 1001.5-3DJPZ133-3030800.140.12 1122.2-4DJPZ150-40401100.160.15170 1322.2-7.5DJPZ170-80801300.170.15 1604-18.5DJPZ202-1601601500.220.21 18011-22DJPZ244-2302301500.250.23 Note: coil power refer to 20鈩?with the choice of input voltage concerning different allowed 10% difference d) Overall dimension table Type Dimension A B C D E F G H S Smax Weight(kg) DJPZ114-1812611424.83XM62528.18590.41.04.7 DJPZ133-3014513329.53XM63032.88600.45.4 DJPZ150-4016515029.53XM83032.88620.57.8 DJPZ170-8018817039.54XM83042.812750.51.29.8 DJPZ202-16022020244.54XM103547.812900.616 DJPZ244-230265244494XM104052.8141080.622.7 DJPZ280-400310280594XM125063.4181170.81.536 DJPZ300-530330300654XM125569.4181270.842 Overall, DJPZ series have delivered clear benefits to clients and therein attracted prospective attention. and also our company will expand this kind of product with far-reaching and major implications in the year ahead. We are looking forward to your close concern and eager to serve you at any moment.Electro-Hydraulic Disc Brake factory website:

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