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    This machine can fully chopped and stirred kinds of materials to achieve emulsification, and chopped, stirred, and emulsified in one operation. It can not only increase the fine density of the product, increase its elasticity, but also improve the product yield. The main effect is to improve product quality and make the product taste better.
    (1) All the contact to food parts are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, and the frame is welded with high-quality stainless steel channel steel, which is more durable and can greatly extend the service life.
    (2) The chopping knife is made of imported materials and processed by a special process. The chopping pan is made of 304 stainless steel precision casting and has an anti-overflow pot edge to prevent seepage and overflow.
    (3) The chopping pot is double-speed, which can be matched with any speed of the chopping knife, the chopping time is short, and the temperature rise of the material is small.
    (4) Electrical parts adopt waterproof design, good sealing and easy cleaning
    3.Technical Parameters
    Capacity90 kg/time
    Chopping blade speed1800/4000 r/m
    Chopping blade quantity6 pcs
    Chopping pot speed9/13 r/m
    Machine weight1800kg
    Overall dimension1430*2135*1635mm
    (1)Do not close the body to the turntable, in order to prevent injury.
    (2)When open the cut pot cover angle is greater than 30 degrees, the knife shaft and chopping pot motor will automatically stop, but the knife shaft is still rotation for a while due to inertia, so open the cover should pay special attention not to touch the knife shaft, wait for the knife shaft all stopped then begin the opening of the cover work. The hand or hard object cannot reach to one side of the shaft of the knife when the material is discharged.
    (3)Do not bring bones, hard objects into the chopping pot, so as not to cause injury.
    (4)Chopping knife installation must be scrubbed clean, fastened. After the tool is worn by 15mm, it must be stopped to prevent knife breaks from injuring people. 5, the variable frequency type after the completion of work, must turn off the external power supply, otherwise, the inverter cooling fan non-stop works, burn the cooling fan motor. 6, cleaning equipment must be cut off power.China Meat Bowl Cutter Machine