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    Parquet materials can be solid wood, which consists of 100% original wood such as oak wood and can also be processed parquet, or often called engineered wood or laminate. If the price of a solid wood parquet can be more expensive and needs maintenance, then processed parquet provides solutions in terms of lower prices and more efficient installation.
    Because it uses pieces or pieces of wood arranged in the form of board strips, there are decorative elements that you can find on the parquet floor. This mosaic nuance often makes the parquet has its own beauty.
    Advantages of parquet flooring
    1. Easy to clean
    2. Sturdy & durable
    3. Parquet Floor Variations
    Because the main material of the parquet floor consists of wood chips that are installed together, then the parquet floor has a beautiful geometric and decorative aspect. This type cannot be displayed by ordinary wooden boards. In addition to beautiful formations, parquet floors can also be painted or given finishing with different styles. So do not be surprised if the parquet floor can provide a warm feel that still looks elegant.
    4. Affordable
    Product details
    Product name: Oak solid wood parquet
    Item No.6610
    Wood: Oak
    Connection: Click
    Surface: Antique UV lacquered
    Warranty: More than 5 years
    Certificates: CE,ISO9001,ISO14001
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